Two stories about comics

A rare first edition copy of the British comic book Beano has sold for 12,100 pounds, the highest price paid to date for a British comic book. But, the article says, “the most lucrative market by far is the US, where big collectors will pay vast sums for the right title. Last year a copy of the first Marvel Mysteries comic from the 1940s sold for $250,000 (about £136,000).”

Here’s a Times article that’s partly about Michael Chabon’s new comic book The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist #1. It’s based on the comics he imagined in his novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay:

One conceit of the Escapist comic books is that the stories are reprints from the decades-long run of the superhero invented by Kavalier and Clay, who in turn were thought up by Mr. Chabon. The premiere issue includes an elaborate text piece about the Escapist’s history. Of course all the stories are being written and drawn for the first time.

“I was trying to create a pleasurable sense of doubt in the reader’s mind about how made-up all this was,” Mr. Chabon said. He compared the experience to seeing a magician at work. “You know he’s not actually sawing anyone in half,” he said. “You just end up enjoying the illusion.”

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