Private: Tina Brown’s show marches on

In today’s Observer, Choire Sicha reflects on a recent party at the home of former New Yorker editor Tina Brown, and on Brown’s success with her current media gig:

Back in June of 2000, Brown promised something to this newspaper: “In my next incarnation, whatever that may be, in my fifth act, I’m going to be a really irresponsible writing journalist. A totally iconoclastic, absolutely fuck’em-you-print-it-because-I say-so-Joe Eszterhas kind of a writer. Some editor’s burden. I won’t give a shit.”

Last October, Ms. Brown raised the curtain on her fifth act with a weekly column in The Washington Post. The very next day The Post’s ombudsman eviscerated her, and both print and online media joined in the mockery with glee. (It was particularly shrill online, which surely only fueled Ms. Brown’s rumored deep hatred of Web logs.) There was great cruel rejoicing for a week—and since, improbably, a deep silence has descended around Ms. Brown’s work. Contrary to what one might think, this is because the tired old forces that derided her egocentricity and irrelevancy, to use the words of WaPo ombudsman Michael Getler, are losing. Ms. Brown will have her way through failure and success, and no amount of scorn or disregard will publicly dismay her.