Private: Times Square protest drew thousands despite cold and rain

photo by AKWG

SubIntSoc offers up photos and a description of yesterday’s protest in Times Square. Here’s an excerpt:

….At 41st Street, more barricades. Hundreds of people crowded right up to them, looking at thousands across the street. Some chanted slogans and held signs; most just stood with their umbrellas in silent vigil.

The people who were chanting (including some with bullhorns) were loud enough to make up for the silent ones. It looked like a vast crowd had flooded Broadway on both the sidewalks and the street north of 41st, for at least a few blocks.

I had no umbrella, but held up my sign in the rain anyway for about fifteen minutes, till my fingers started to go numb.

Update: this is probably the saddest day for humankind that I can remember. Or maybe that was yesterday. Tough call.

I’ve often been cynical about the government, about those in power in this country, but now I am beyond cynical. I am without hope. I am looking into immigrating to Canada.

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