Private: They Sent Us In To Secure the Sector

I’m a big fan of John Leary. (That’s the writer John Leary, not John Leary the Catholic prophet. Although I’m willing to allow that John Leary the Catholic prophet is a nice guy, too.) Here is a kickass new story by John Leary (the writer) on Word Riot:

We secured the perimeter, but within the sector was tumult. Twenty-two voices deployed simultaneously, scrambling incoming and outgoing communications. As per Officers’ Manual Section 901, we determined their primary interface with us would be through a representative. Ogden gave the order.

They responded: “We share crayons and paper and these small dull scissors. We have assigned seating. We swap items from our lunch bags. We are told to wait our turn, that everyone deserves a turn, whether it’s at the water fountain or speaking in class. Ms. Webber made these rules.”

They had limited experience with democracy. They had been under the regime of a socialist dictator, a rogue leader pursuing her own ends while imposing a putative communism. We taught them the rudiments of democracy, and they elected a leader, a Tim K.