Private: The real question

I know it’s been the juiciest publishing debate around for the last few weeks, but aside from linking to a roundup at The Literary Saloon I’ve kind of been trying to stay out of the whole Freudenberger-is-a-hottie-and-that’s-why-she’s-published debate.

(I was for a short time in the early 90’s a women’s studies minor, people. While law school wiped away much of the angry refrain of the French and American feminists, I remain kind of uptight about these things.)

But this hilarious tidbit via (who else?) The Antic Muse at Bookslut overcomes all my apprehensions:

The salient issue all these blogs avoid, it seems to me, is simply the following: Which female writer is hottest?

Let’s all add the Old Hag to our links roster now, shall we?