Private: The random funny

Dale Peck Reviews His Day,” from Haypenny, by Jeremy Richards:

6:35 am

The Plental XR-280 is the worst showerhead of its generation. Its adjustable neck is limp and ineffectual, and the valve has the pressure consistency of a Mormon tobacco lobbyist. I’d have better luck with a hose and a space heater.

Dong Resin plans to revolutionize the home pregnancy test:

First, I’m including a toy prize, such as you find in Cracker Jacks. I figure whatever the result is and however it makes you feel, you’ve got that toy to look forward to, one way or the other.

Every fifth toy will be a condom, because the fact is there are quite a few of you I don’t like, but I always enjoy irony.

Ed Page has launched a weblog, Dangerblog. The most recent post is about Peter Cook. The one prior was about Gary Larson, creator of The Far Side.