Private: The Muahahaha Initiative

Diane of Nobody Knows Anything has some thought-provoking stuff to say about illegal immigrants in California:

Maybe I’m not supposed to talk about this out loud but it’s the truth. California runs on Hispanic labor, and quite a bit of it is illegal. Nobody asks questions and a lot of work is paid for in cash. Maybe they’re taking jobs away from Americans who desperately want them. I doubt it. The pay is lousy and the benefits are almost non-existent.


Anyone want to guess what would happen to food prices if all those farmers had to pay for medical insurance for the farm workers? Or what would happen if all the businesses had to pay employment taxes on the people lifting those bales and toting those barges? If, you know, employers had to put up with all those annoying costs instead of just getting away with it because all of those workers are off the books?

Go to her site to read her thoughts about Prop. 187. She calls it the Muahahaha Initiative.