Private: The ladies at Wendy’s and what they like to dance to

This post was written by guest blogger Carrie Hoffman.

I live next door to Wendy’s, which is a handy place to live. I eat there all the time because I like convenience. Mostly it’s seemed like a typical fast food place, but just recently, I went through the drive through with my Missy Elliott cd, Under Construction, playing kinda loud. When I got to the second window, I noticed that the woman left the window open after she gave me my drink, rather than closing it while she bagged my food. Soon enough, there were three Wendy’s ladies in the little space, all of them dancing and singing along as Missy put her thing down, flipped it, and reversed it.

I was back again, a few days later, with my Salt n Pepa cd, Hot, Cool & Vicious playing. Again, same effect. The ladies were dancing to “Push It” and I was pleased.

Then, today, it was dinnertime and I thought I’d play a little R.E.M. for the ladies–I skipped to Shiny Happy People because it’s so danceable and rolled down my window. I got my drink. And — argh– the woman closed the window. No dancing today.

Sadly, the ladies only seem to like hip hop.