Private: The funny on the women

The Antic Muse finds it “hard to keep quiet about [David Brooks’] spectacularly simple-minded column on women’s magazines.”

Meanwhile, TMFTML is inspired by Rebecca Mead’s New Yorker review of Rachel Greenwald’s new book, Find a Husband After 35 Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School to try his hand at a marriage instruction manual of his own:

The fact that you’re 35 or over and have yet to make someone love you is a pretty clear indication that there’s something wrong with you. You’re going to need some serious character camouflage if you want to keep a guy interested long enough that his guard slips and he finds himself at the altar. All physical relationships are based to some extent on creating an idealized self that bears no real resemblance to who you are: The trick is to make yourself as appealing to men as possible. From now on you’re easygoing (get used to saying things like, “Of course I don’t mind! Go, have a good time!”), you’re sexually adventuresome (“Why yes, she is rather attractive. And I always have been curious…”), and, perhaps most importantly, you’re 31. (While you might be tempted to go with 29, let’s be honest: Look at those lines around your eyes. You’ll never get away with it.) Once you’ve got The New You ready to roll, it’s time to find your target.