The funny, and the sort of funny link at the end that isn’t really funny at all but requires your immediate assistance

Carrie Hill Wilner describes her audition for Blind Date. “I should have known that no good would come of something called Ladie’s Night,” the article begins. (Via The Fold Drop.)

Study Guide for a Book in a Plain Brown Wrapper,” by J.D. Finch

Dana plots with her man in their continuing efforts to become the Smallest Couple in Williamsburg.

Speaking of Dana, she linked earlier to this one from Monk, but “Is that a Banana in Your Vestment or Are You Just Happy To See Me?” is just as good (at least to the eyes of this former Protestant via parental indoctrination). Choice quote: “Hey, Anglican Church! Thanks for calling your leaders ‘Primates’. It makes reading the news much more fun. Now if I can only get the Catholics to go along with my idea to change ‘Cardinal’ to ‘Pachyderm.'”

I continue to be very concerned about Ang, who is not only watching The View, but sleeping only five hours a night and consoling herself by “rock[ing] back and forth like an extra in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Actually, this should not be classified as an “amusement,” but I thought you’d read it if I included it here. Go over to Ang’s site. Do a dance or something. Please make her feel better.

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