The date has passed, and still there is bubbling around here

According to Weissblog, yesterday was “the designated bubble-up day for Please Don’t Kill the Freshman, by seventeen-year-old author ‘Zoe Trope.'”

Unimpressed with the articles out there (including the Willamette Week piece I mentioned on Sunday morning, in which Taylor Clark begins by attacking the novel and its author but ends up concluding, grudgingly, that the book works in its way and “resonates with anyone who ever went through the protracted humiliation of high school”), Weisblott says:

…the story I want to read is one delineating how Dave Eggers and Jonathan Safran Foer feel about the book beyond their mealy-mouthed blurbs. Does every male literary type in the 25-to-34 demo just want to get all tingly over the text messaging prose of teenage girls?

If you’ve read the book, drop me a line. And anyone who saw Ms. Trope read at the 215: full reports, please.

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