Private: Thanks, Maud

This post was written by guest blogger Carrie Hoffman.

Thanks to Maud who was nice enough to let me take over her blog, and was then even nicer to say a bunch of flattering stuff about me.

She had to, though, since it seems that she’s my long-lost twin. Or my literary soul sister. Or, well, something that is entirely too similar:

Me and Maud realized we were both from Miami.

Then we realized we were both from the same area, Kendall.

And further, that we both went to Sunset High, though we weren’t there at the same time.

And we shook our heads in disbelief to learn that we’re both five feet tall, a height we share with the common hippopotamus (measured to the shoulder), and Joan of Arc’s armor and Mr. Five by Five.

So there you have it. Me and Maud!