Ten days isn’t so long

An introduction for tomorrow’s guest will appear later today. Many thanks will be in order after his stint, I have no doubt, but I may not be able to show proper gratitude until I return from my trip to Miami. I don’t expect to be online much on the trip.

After tomorrow, Stephany Aulenback will post occasionally, through the 23rd. Expect a slow trickle of posts rather than an onslaught. Important people like Ms. Aulenback have things to do, people to see.

Longtime readers will know that Stephany was the first Friday guest on this site.

It’s entirely appropriate to rhapsodize about her literary accomplishments and smarts and beauty, but this time we’re just going to treat her like family. No fanfare, no special dinner. Steph knows where the towels are and can make herself something to eat if she wants. Too bad I didn’t have time to sweep or dust. Let’s just hope I gave her the right keys, at least.

By the time I return, you’ll be all like, “Maud who? Where’d Stephany go?”

Max and I were planning to leave tonight, but changed our tickets to tomorrow, red-eye. We’ve both been running around all week and he has some freelance work to finish up.

Before I go, I hope to update the links page, so do be sure to visit the fine sites listed there.

And you can expect a Miami Stories update before the plane takes off.

Let’s hope it’s not this hot down in South Florida.


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