Private: Tax blather

The streamlined sales tax project, a multi-state effort, would (with Congressional approval) require out-of-state retailers to collect sales taxes on Internet and mail order sales.

Most experts agree that the project will never move forward without the backing of California & New York. For the first time since the project’s inception, it looks like there’s some movement in those states.

The A.P. reported yesterday that California Gov. Gray Davis “is rethinking his long-standing objection to imposing sales taxes on Internet commerce — a reversal that could ignite similar steps around the nation.”

The Bureau of National Affairs reports today that:

The Retail Council of New York State Feb. 26 urged state lawmakers to join other states in the Streamlined Sales Tax Project.

The council, in testimony before the state Legislature’s fiscal committees, said joining the project would generate revenues for the state without enacting “a new tax.”

Anyone who wants to know more about the Internet sales tax situation can read the bottom of this page.

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