Private: Target boat disappoints Manhattan shoppers

In this week’s Talk of the Town, Nancy Franklin reports on the Target boat experimentally docked at Chelsea Piers for the holiday:

There could hardly be any news more thrilling to discount-minded Manhattanites . . . than that Target has come to town. Manhattan has a lot going for it, but until two weeks ago we didn’t have a Target store. And, just like that, Target has already been taken away. The Minneapolis-based store set up shop on a boat at Chelsea Piers for a fortnight that just ended, to test the waters for a possible full-blown store in Manhattan and to give New Yorkers who couldn’t make it to Chelsea Piers in time the familiar, nagging feeling that they missed out on something.

Evidently the boat sold only 92 holiday items and was a hollow experience for those familiar with the glories of a suburban Target expedition.

How I miss those florescent lights, those carts, the endless search up and down the aisle for the last red pillar candle! I guess there’s a Target in Brooklyn, somewhere next to that tree everybody’s always mentioning, maybe, but I’ve never seen it.

Seems like the store could make a bundle if it had a location here, but I’ll get my fix in Miami soon enough.

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