Private: Some things

Tonight is that karaoke event at Enid’s. You should go. Cowboy Sally, back from her vacation, says events are getting underway around 9. I’ll be late. Expect me at 10.

(Last week, you see, I was planning on karaoke but made other plans with some very nice people for the evening of the 11th. In my mind the 11th was Tuesday. Sadly, the calendar did not agree.)

Those of you who haven’t seen me in person recently: be warned. I’ve cut off all my hair.

Actually, I first got it cut last weekend, but it wasn’t short enough. It fell right at my jawline, making my face look even more moonlike than usual. Yesterday the Antigeist and I sat in her backyard and drank wine and she cut it the way I wanted it. The fashion victim in me is concerned that the style hasn’t shown up on the runway that is Bedford Avenue, while the misanthrope in me is thinking maybe the hair’s still too normal.

I’m trying to finish up a bunch of things before I leave town for Miami later this week. Because, really, what better time of year to visit South Florida than the dead of August?