Private: Some books are bigger than others

Emma passes along a link to Toby Mundy’s excellent essay, “Good Books,” which appeared last October in Prospect Magazine. In it, Mundy rejects the argument that books are being dumbed-down, and discusses the march toward electronic publishing and its likely effect on the publishing industry.

Vanessa Thorpe, for The Guardian, says nonfiction books–especially biographies–are getting shorter. A few weeks ago, Blake Morrison’s “Just Feel the Width” appeared in the same publication. Morrison argued that there is a trend toward longer fiction, and said, “It’s not only novels, of course. Biographies are getting fatter. Cookbooks are getting fatter. Even slimming books are getting fatter….”

Fresh Sheet promises book industry news, publicity and gossip. I’m adding it to my daily roster. Book Talk Canada, a section of the site, promotes independent Canadian bookstores. (Link via Things Magazine, which I adore, and not only because a second link to my blog, along with links to Miami Stories (a site I edit) and Eyeshot, appeared there on Friday.)

Howell Raines admits to Charlie Rose that he did not step down from his New York Times post voluntarily. (Link via Romanesko.)

Tim Adams read the top ten books on the U.K. bestseller list from last week.

The Virtual Book Tour swung into high gear last Thursday at Heath Row’s Media Diet. A follow-up interview with Mary Roach appeared on Friday.