Sex diarist rankles Chinese censors, is demoted from gossip magazine to publisher’s newsletter staff

Last week Chinese censors banned the new book by Mu Zimei, a 25-year-old blogger who records her sexual exploits online and became an overnight Internet sensation in China when she described an encounter behind a restaurant with a popular musician. Copies of the book are already on the streets.

Now, according to the Telegraph, “Mu has been transferred from the gossip magazine where she wrote a sex advice column to another department of the same company producing in-house company newsletters.”

A spokesman for the publisher “claimed yesterday that the company had made the decision itself,” but the author said she had learned the men in the “yellow office [official censoring body] had been ‘irritated’.”

Ms. Mu said “she never realised her online diary would be so widely noticed, or that it would grow into a national controversy. But she defended her right to sleep with as many men as she pleased – and to write about it. ‘If a man does this,’ she said, ‘it’s no big deal. But as a woman doing so, I draw lots of criticism.'” (Thanks to Matt for the link.)

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