Private: Recipe for a delightful holiday

Bruce McCall sets out some revised Thanksgiving rules in this week’s “Shouts & Murmurs.” Among them:

The mandatory minimum number of guests related by blood to the host/hostess is increased to sixteen.

Given that my own primary rule of Thanksgiving — that no blood relation other than my sister can be within five hundred miles of me on that day — conflicts directly with his, I don’t think Bruce and I would get along very well.

The only mandatory minimum on my list is the number of wine magnums (magna? magnae? If only I hadn’t dropped out of first-year Latin). That number has been increased, in honor of Mr. McCall, to sixteen. Cheers.

I’ll be en route to Northampton, MA, to visit Sister tomorrow. Mr. Maud and I celebrate our anniversary this weekend. There will be little posted on this site between now and next Tuesday, the 2nd.

Since she’s less likely to be hanging dried cornhusks on her door and consuming cranberry sauce than the rest of us, you may want to check in with my British friend, and yours, until then. I make no promises, mind. Even the English have to take a break sometimes.