Private: Ramblings of a sleep-deprived madwoman

A previously unpublished short story by Joseph Heller appeared in The Guardian over the weekend. (Via Bookslut.)

It’s not my favorite piece of his, but the subject is drug addiction, and given the buzz over current addiction memoirs (see, e.g., Frey and Burroughs) I thought it was worth mentioning.

You know, a few years ago I picked up a copy of Heller’s God Knows from a street vendor for $3. The Biblical King David is the protagonist, and as the novel unfolds you learn that Solomon wasn’t really so wise and Bathsheba really was that beautiful and being a powerful king can sometimes be a pain in the tuckus. I read a little more than half of it before I somehow managed to leave it on the F train. (I was flustered because, shortly before we reached my stop, a Hassidic gentleman sat down across from me. He noticed the cover of my heretical novel, frowned, and moved to the other end of the car. I must have dropped the book on the seat or the floor in my haste to hide the cover and stop offending him.)