Pseudonymous, anonymous

From “What’s in a Pseudonym?”:

One may be perfectly comfortable with the fact that such august writers as Voltaire (Franois Marie Arouet) and Stendhal (Marie-Henri Beyle) used pen names. But it’s still titillating to discover their lesser-known pseudonyms: Firmin Abauzit, Dominico Zapata, and (in English) Dr. Good Natur’d Wellwisher, among 170 others in the case of Voltaire; and Dominique, Baron de Cutendre, and William Crocodile, among some 200 others in the case of Stendhal. And Room includes a special section on those — including Brigitte Bardot, Ava Gardner, and Adolf Hitler — whose real names are often taken to be pseudonyms, as well as refuseniks like Frank Sinatra, Sandra Bullock, and Cloris Leachman who were urged to adopt an assumed name but wouldn’t.

See also: a smug rant against anonymous bloggers inspires a flame war that escalates and results in the deletion of comments revealing embarrassing information about the ranter.

Some of my favorite anonymous bloggers: Atrios, TMFTML, Dong, OGIC, and Cinetrix. Some favorite semi-anonymous ones: Emma, Dana, Bloggy Mountain Breakdown, Antigeist, and Monk.

Chicha, by the way, has tracked down some photos of bloggers. (This seems like a good time to point out that Mr. Maud went to film school. It’s all about the photographer and the lighting, my little chickadees. Please understand that for every photo of me that exists on the Internet there are approximately 3000 in a landfill.)

Update: The dangers of pre-posting, as I often do, include the possibility that I’ll appear to be ripping off blog favorites from Salon writers who’ve already transformed the debate into an article. (Via the formerly-anonymous Lizzie.)

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