Says Travelers Diagram: “I am told there is a very provocative (read: pornographic) photo of Chan (Cat Power) Marshall in this week’s New Yorker. Just thought you might like to know.”

The shot in question is an Avedon creation. I’m not sure it’s pornographic, but it’s provocative enough that the woman sharing my pole on the train this morning cut me a disapproving look when she caught a glimpse while I was reading the (mixed) review of the Castle Clinton show that accompanied the photo.

In other music news, Sasha Frere-Jones is not impressed with Arthus Kempton’s new history of hip-hop:

Cut in half, ”Boogaloo” would be a fine contribution to Cooke studies; beefed up with some hard theory, it could work as a slightly florid Marxist view of black pop history. Lacking a coherent theory, “Boogaloo” remains a long, sour compilation.


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