Private: Post-midnight excuses

Christmas alone with the Mister was a great success. It was so successful, in fact, that we’ve continued to feast, drink, and accomplish pretty much nothing ever since.

I’m tempted to extend the Thanksgiving ban on all of my blood relatives (other than my sister) to the other major holidays. Also, the pecan pie situation turned out okay. Thanks to Nic, Jeff, Darice, Christian, and the kind, anonymous person who contributed an authentic Texan recipe.

In other news, I leave for South Florida on the 31st and will return on the 9th. Even before my departure, work and various commitments will make blogging all but impossible. I’ll do what I can. While I’m away, Ms. Stephany Aulenback will step in from time to time and treat you to whatever strikes her fancy.

I’m still working my way through holiday email, so if you’re annoyed at the slow response please rest assured you’re not the only one. Also, I probably haven’t read your blog. It’s too bad email can’t include voodoo dolls and strands of my hair as attachments, don’t you think? That would make things so much easier.