Pollack and others respond to midlist author’s Salon article

Neal Pollack, who’s never more sensible than when he’s writing about the business of publishing, responds along with others to the Midlist Author’s Lament:

Cry me a river, Endangered Midlist Author without the guts to reveal your name. Boohoo. You only got $80,000 for a book it took you two whole years to write. Do you know that, according to the National Writers’ Union, the average writer in America makes $4,000 a year from their writing? And that’s when you figure Stephen King and Nora Roberts into the equation.

(Via Bookslut.)

Speaking of Pollack, I read the other day that Elijah Wood is set to play the lead in the adapation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything is Illuminated. I have no particular problem with Foer, having read the New Yorker excerpt of the novel and decided not to read further. But the Elijah Wood news was almost enough to make me wish that Pollack would start blogging again.

Almost, except for the part where his political “satire” enraged me daily.

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