Private: Philip Dick on NPR; also, PRI, not NPR

A brief report entitled “The Hollywood Afterlife of Philip K. Dick” aired yesterday on NPR’s Morning Edition. In it, a journalist observes that Dick considered himself a “fictionalizing philosopher” rather than a novelist, and offers biographical details about Dick and comments from the author’s daughter. In addition, like Frank Rose’s recent Wired article, the report considers the influence of Dick on film and the way we think about science fiction.

Late last year, Laura Miller wrote an interesting piece (now available only through The New York Times paid archives) about Dick’s influence on contemporary fiction. Here’s a brief quote from that article.

In related news, it has been brought to my attention that This American Life is produced by Public Radio International rather than National Public Radio. Other PRI productions include BBC World Service, The Next Big Thing, and A Prairie Home Companion.

My mistake, of course. This American Life is my favorite program aired on WNYC, my local public radio station. Sorry, Mr. Glass. (Thanks to Tim for pointing me to the correction.)