Pasha Malla of Montreal and Poetry

Thanks for the lovely links, Pasha Malla of Montreal. (And for your work with children and the homeless and also for recycling with icy resolve.)

Here is a beautiful poem about Esperanto written by Pasha Malla of Montreal himself. Apparently, Pasha Malla of Montreal was too humble to link to it during his Friday here. So I link it for him now.

Octopus Magazine (in which Pasha’s poem appears) looks really good. In addition to Pasha’s genius, it contains three poems by Matthea Harvey. She wrote a book with this terrific title: Pity the Bathtub Its Forced Embrace of the Human Form. I keep stumbling across mentions of this book again and again. Oprah would probably say the universe wants me to read it. That damn universe, always on my back about something. Come to think of it, Oprah’s kind of bossy, too.

Anyway, I will read this book, and soon.

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