Parallel universe theory

As I was drifting off to sleep a few weeks ago, Max told me about a Scientific American cosmology article that says astronomical observations support the theory that there really are parallel universes. An excerpt:

Is there a copy of you reading this article? A person who is not you but who lives on a planet called Earth, with misty mountains, fertile fields and sprawling cities, in a solar system with eight other planets? The life of this person has been identical to yours in every respect. But perhaps he or she now decides to put down this article without finishing it, while you read on. The idea of such an alter ego seems strange and implausible, but it looks as if we will just have to live with it, because it is supported by astronomical observations.

(Thanks to Stephany, who coincidentally provided a link to the article.)

Max has believed in parallel universes all his life, while I’ve always dismissed the possibility out of hand. I’m still disinclined to believe in them. Does this mean that in fifteen years I’ll be the equivalent of those people who believe we never landed on the moon?

Anyhow, Stephany postulates that much “of what’s called ‘postmodern’ fiction behaves as if the parallel universe theory is the truth,” and I think she’s right.

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