Opus III

Opus, a new Sunday strip by Berkeley Breathed (creator of Bloom County, may it rest in peace), is set to launch on November 23 in 160 newspapers nationwide. In an interview at Salon today, Breathed says:

The din of public snarkiness is stupefying. We’re awash in a vomitous sea of caustic humorous comment. I hope to occasionally wade near the black hole of pop references only obliquely without getting sucked in with everyone else….

the flip side of this is when events get untouchable. It becomes like the occasional lampoons of supermarket tabloids: unfunny because they’re mocking something that’s funnier than the satire. You can’t effectively satirize Bill Clinton getting waxed by an office vixen in the office of Abraham Lincoln. It’s done. Over. Go home. Know when you’re beat. It almost was physically painful to watch the great Garry Trudeau have to try to get a handle on it.

(Via Prints the Chaff.)

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