O Superman

Red SonThe BBC says there’s “something refreshingly shocking about Superman: Red Son“:

The book was published originally in DC Comics’ ElseWorlds line, which features stories that take existing characters and fling them into alternative scenarios (eg, having the baby Kal-El crash to Earth and be adopted by the Waynes, then grow up to be a superpowered Batman). Scottish writer Mark Millar’s intriguing scenario here is to have baby Supes arrive, not in the heartlands of America, but in the Ukraine.

You can read more about Red Son and its creator at SubIntSoc.

Action Comics #1 In other Superman news, someone has uploaded images of the original Action Comics #1, Superman’s debut.

Buying an original copy will set you back $75,000. I believe Action Comics #1 is reprinted in this collection, but correct me if I’m wrong. (Via Bookninja.)

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