Private: Noteworthy

I’ll post the introduction for tomorrow’s guest soon, but before I go I should mention that Claire Zulkey posts interviews on her site every Friday. Recent interviewees include George Saunders and Harry Shearer. I don’t know who’s up tomorrow, but Zulkey is always worth a look-in at the end of the week.

Also, “Our Girl in Chicago” will be in charge tomorrow at About Last Night. She’s scheduled to take over for Terry Teachout for the next three Fridays.

I don’t link to Neal Pollack’s website very often, but Donnie Boman of Left Pedal will be in charge of it next week. Boman hopes to “do something outside the realm of speculation and hearsay over there.” Neal Pollack, he says, “is all right, but sometimes I’m not sure what’s satire and what’s real.” You and me both, Donnie B.

To those who observe Rosh Hashanah: have a happy and healthy new year. Everyone else, happy weekend.