Private: Not your father’s New York Times Book Review

NYTBR eXtreme!:

Now, right off the bat, I’d like to lay some fears to rest: We are not dumbening down the book review, and we are not stupiding it up. We are merely shifting our focus, because our marketing department tells us we’re not reaching the youth of America. And the youth of America is tomorrow’s today people. So, to cater to Generation: Next, we’ve stricken all 2-dollar words from our reviews! Also, I’ve filled the mint bowl on my desk with tabs of Ecstasy. Michiko Kakutani-1 has been reading ad copy aloud in the hallway, pantsless. And Laura Miller Mz. Millz has been sitting Indian-style in front of the elevator doors, watching the numbers light up, and yelling, “Shiny, shiny, shiny!” Yes, it’s fun times here at NYTBR: Miami.

(Via Gawker.)