Naked Frank O’Hara look-alike gets a little too close in men’s locker room

From Kevin Kinsella’s “Metropolitan Diary“:

Having just dropped towel in the men’s locker room of one of the numerous branches of the Union Square-area New York Sports Clubs, I bent over to slip my leg into my underwear (charcoal gray boxer briefs, from Bloomies, of course!) when I noticed out of the corner of my right eye that someone had moved inappropriately close to my backside.

Rather than pause and cautiously await what would happen next, I quickly drew the shorts snugly into place and turned to find an older man, standing within inches of me. To my eye, he resembled what one would expect Frank O’Hara to look like today had he not been laid low by a Fire Island dune buggy on that summer night in 1966.

He was completely naked — naked and smiling, a combination that I found rather disconcerting given my surroundings and the early time of day (8:30 a.m.).

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