Private: More on snark

The Antic Muse is over at Bookslut this week, and she has linked to an ongoing snark discussion at her site. Chime in!

On a related note, Laura Demanski sent email alerting me to Colby Cosh’s interesting opinion of Snarkwatch. Demanski says:

I like Colby’s dry take on Snarkwatch, and when I saw it this weekend I thought that, together with Clive James and the Antic Muse and a few others, we may now have the full-fledged anti-anti-snark backlash I’ve been waiting for. Not that I’m pro-snark, but I agree with Colby that by far the more widespread and pernicious problem in book reviewing is misplaced, bland politeness shading into indiscriminate cheerleading. Also, judging from the items that have appeared so far in the Believer column, “snark” seems to have an alarmingly broad definition: anything anybody disagrees with! As a sometime reviewer myself, I find it hard enough to fight off the temptation to bend over backwards to praise mediocre but inoffensive, well-intentioned books; I don’t think that this bending serves readers well, and I don’t think that Snarkwatch, if it is taken too seriously, is going to make those battles of conscience any easier.