Private: More of a Loaded girl

All the rage in the U.K.: professional women taking male hormones. Victoria Coren is giving the testosterone patch a try, but hasn’t noticed any effects. She’s too preoccupied with her good looks and successful writing and–wait a minute–gazing at out the window at women struggling to hold down their skirts in the wind:

Speaking of eating, quite hungry now. Fancy a pork pie. A big old pork pie with loads of mustard. Looks kind of windy out there though. Look at those poor women trying to hold their skirts down in the gale. Ha ha! Might just spend an hour or two at the window. Had been sad about the end of summer – tits away for another year – but forgot about the whole wind/skirt thing. That’s it, sweetheart, you’ve got shopping to carry, just let it blow up.

(Via The Fold Drop.)