Private: More hiatus links

The Antigeist throws a mean BBQ and can build you some kitchen cabinets in a single afternoon. But wait, there’s more. She also proves that Williamsburg isn’t all electro scenesters and trucker caps:

You know the universal “Whew, it’s hot!” gesture, the one where some fella –usually a range-weary cowboy or pro-ball player–takes his hat off, wipes his brow with the back of his hand or shirtsleeve, spits, and then slaps the hat back on his head?

Well I just saw a guy on Metropolitan Avenue do that…with his dentures.

Tell whichbook what kinds of books you like, and you’ll get some recommendations. (Via my girlfriend and yours, Cowboy Sally.)

I {heart} TMFTML. Today’s gem:

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to write a thousand-word article on the literature of Los Angeles without once mentioning the name Raymond Chandler. Impossible, you say? Not if you’re Adam Kirsch.

Later this year, the second generation of Asian-American writers is releasing “a flood of vital, angry, sometimes violent and even sardonic new fiction.” (Via Moorish Girl, who thinks everybody should leave Harper Lee alone, since she clearly does not want to be found.)

Chick lit. Dick lit. Mummy lit? (Via Moby Lives.)

Benjamin Franklin: kite flier or liar? (Thanks to Ed for the link and the question.)

Also in this week’s New Yorker: Hendrik Hertzberg asks why we can’t be more like Canada.

Speaking of Canada, The Globe and Mail moderates a “CanLit” discussion. (Via Bookslut.)

Another link from Bookslut: turns out it’s hard to translate Shakespeare into Japanese.

More on Shakespeare: “the biggest name in literature once again finds himself most at home in smaller cities and towns.” (Via Arts Journal.)

Past usage of the “N” word and current usage of “not for nothing.” (Via Kitabkhana.)

The first half of Twain’s original Huck Finn manuscript has been unearthed. (Via That Rabbit Girl.)

The Reverse Cowgirl is taking guest blogger applications.

This Achewood comic about McSweeney’s is making the rounds. (First seen at Left Pedal.)

Geheimbundler says, screw the Rubik’s Cube, try the Pyraminx.

I sure would like some grapes right now.