More Glück

Andrew Johnston argued in yesterday’s New York Times that Louise Glück, new poet laureate, “is likely to honor the laureateship in the best way possible: by going on writing poetry.” (Via Moby Lives.)

The Literary Saloon/Complete Review rounds up its favorite literary weblogs. No doubt you’re familiar with most, but there are some excellent newer ones on the list, including The Elegant Variation, which I’ve been meaning to add to my links roster, and Sarah Weinman, and Bookwatch.

Also, please allow me to point you once again to the best French-language literary weblog, which we here at (being ignorant Americans) should admit we are able to read only in the most broken and elementary fashion.*

A note on The Literary Saloon: in my opinion it’s by far the most highbrow of the literary weblogs. It merits regular visits, although I sometimes forget to check it for a couple of days in a row because I need at least three cups of coffee before I feel competent to evaluate the criticism put forward there.

* Full confession: via Altavista’s Babel Fish translator. Hey, I never promised you a rose garden. I went to a state school in Florida, people. What do you expect?

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