Private: MobyLives, lives

Dennis Loy Johnson is back from vacation with a slew of links at MobyLives.

Steve Almond is this week’s MobyLives guest columnist (far left, front page), and he writes about blurbs:

One of my least favorite experiences as a writer … is listening to other writers whine about being asked to give a blurb. (As with most of my indictments, I am guilty of this crime myself.) What annoys me about these complaints is not just the unacknowledged narcissism — Poor me! How to bear such popularity? — but the basic ingratitude.

Listen: when someone asks you to blurb a book they are paying you a huge compliment. At the very least they are saying to you: “I believe your name will help me sell books.” But more than likely they are asking you because they know and admire your work. These are not people to be shit upon.