Michael Moore: “closely identified with the phrase ‘Stupid White Men'”?

Next week Soft Skull Press publishes How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office. HarperCollins has issued a legal demand to the company, saying, “Michael Moore has become closely identified with the phrase ‘Stupid White Men’ in the minds of the general public.”

“An unfortunate way of putting it,” says Ben Ostrowsky, in email:

I’m a fan of his stuff, but I think that’s hilarious (and probably true). Too bad they had to put it that way. As the NYT article says:

Mr. Moore – whose current best seller, “Dude, Where’s My Country?” does some borrowing of its own from the movie “Dude, Where’s My Car,” – says he does not object to the latest iteration of “Stupid White Men,” as long as there is no confusion about who wrote it.

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