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Pasha Malla of Montreal has authored a delightful little story entitled “It Is What Fiction“:

…I demand him, “It is what, ‘fiction’?” and then he stops and he has the air like I hit him with a brick.

After some moments, fiction, it is stories, he tells me. This is what he does, tap-tap-tap all the day. It’s not some good sense. My girl works strong like waitress, she wins some money, but the Anglo rests in the house all the day putting stories into his computer. He wins nothing….

Also new from Mr. Malla: “Directions to My House“:

The road to my house is perilous. You will need courage. Courage, and a good pair of winter boots.

From Roy Kesey’s latest dispatch from China, “Imagining What Is Said“:

I know that to you the colors outside indicate something other than what you have come for, but please do not worry. We are exactly what you think we are. I also know that you understand nothing I say. There is nothing wrong with that, and again, there is no reason for you to worry. I will guide you. I am small, yes, small and thin, perhaps smaller and thinner than I appeared from across the street, but my hands are far stronger than you imagine. It is all right if you do not believe that just yet. You will believe soon enough.

Reviews by a Stupid, Bitter Asshole Who Just Got Fired and Hit the Bottle Thereby Causing his Wife to Leave Him, Thus Forcing Him to Redouble His Drinking? (Link first seen at the web presence of a “Bronx-born mulatto Jewess,” who is “in the singularly unenviable position of possessing a major Aryan fetish.”)

Correspondence discovered by the proprietor of the Dust Congress in a copy of Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin:

The note from Bob to Mary, written in pencil on the inner flap of the book, and dated July 12, 1971 reads:

To Mary,

Our relationship began and ended with Pushkin. May his thought provide the foundation for a different and higher level of rebirth.

Bob (“The Babbling Idiot” or as Russell calls me “The Last Remaining Chaucerian Character”) Bernard.

For Mary’s response, follow this link.

New Helpful Advice for Pregnant Ladies.

To this day, Aristotle causes problems.

Pope: time for a new model?

In the spirit of Evite, we at encourage you to party it up like it’s the Day of Atonement. Seriously, folks, if you’re observing Yom Kippur, may your fasting and reflection bring hope for the future.

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