Little Bean, The Shins

The Fold Drop links to this report that Courtney Love has lost custody of Frances Bean to Kurt Cobain’s mother. Emma provides a good biographical sketch of Cobain’s mother, Wendy O’Connor, calling her “the woman who voluntarily gave up custody of Kurt when he was eleven, bought booze for his adolescent friends and tried to shoot her boyfriend before dumping the guns in the river, out of temptation’s way.”

The Shins play the Bowery Ballroom on Saturday night. I saw James Mercer solo in February, and oh how I wish I had a videotape of the version of “New Slang” he did with Sam Beam. (I promise I’ll stop mentioning that duet now.) Anyhow, I haven’t heard any songs from The Shins’ latest album, and trusted sources are saying that it isn’t all that. An article about the band in the paper of record today says The Shins “are secretly famous”:

On Monday night the four Shins spent the evening in a downtown bar; the place may have been packed with Shins fans, but the musicians were recognized only by the occasional fanzine editor or friend-of-a-friend.

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