Private: Literary grass roots

Is anyone surprised that Ung Lee’s plagiarism of Seth Shafer’s story hasn’t gotten play in the New York Times or another significant media outlet, particularly given that Princeton has yet to set the record straight?

MobyLives, The Morning News, and Bookslut have run pieces about the story. A discussion raged on Metafilter. As Laila notes, the news spread like wildfire on the Zoetrope forums. Felicia Sullivan of Small Spiral Notebook and the KGB Nonfiction Series jumped into the debate.

Maybe I’m wrong, but this seems like evidence of public interest.

You must admit that the facts are fascinating:

An Ivy League student under the tutelage of Joyce Carol Oates steals an online story written by a University of Texas MFA graduate, passes it off as his own, and wins money, presitige, and a summer teaching position at Yale.

Facts aside, it seems to me that the story is of local interest since the award was erroneously issued by a New York university and Ung Lee is a Princeton student.

If you don’t see the story as news, read no further.

But if you would like to see the story covered, send a letter to the NY Times.

I know a number of people who have already made their interest known. If there are enough of us, perhaps someone will take notice.

Please pass the word along.

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