Private: Lit Idol longlist announced

The longlist of contenders for Lit Idol–a “literary,” British version of American Idol–has been announced. Excerpts from the manuscripts are available online.

Here’s a fairly representative section, from Jennifer Simmons’ Enclosure:

Every Friday at five thirty on the dot, we go straight to the nearest bar. What kind of person turns up for drinks after work when they haven’t actually been to work? That would suggest I had nothing better to do, and I haven’t.

So instead I am going to indulge myself with wine and ice ream and videos.
I have the whole living room to myself. I have the remote control. Close the curtains, I can do anything. Kill, torture, S&M. If I had anyone to do it with, I could do it all.

Like Martine, I am not a girlfriend. I am sometimes sleeping with someone. I think of these incidences as interludes, like anti-relationship flak. I am not sleeping with anyone at the moment. People from work don’t count.

(Via Sarah.)