Private: Like no Redbook before it

Selections from Christopher Monks’ “Cliff Notes For the February 2004 Issue of Redbook“:

Code names are a safe and easy way for men to show affection. (pg. 69)

Before engaging in sex talk with your man, establish a comfort zone, such as words that are or aren’t okay to say. (Pg. 72)

Create waves of pleasure by lightly pressing and stroking his perineum. (pg. 72)

A vibrant curve-hugging blouse is perfect for work and play. (Pg. 117)

Why hide under layers when your bare skin can be so smooth? (Pg. 127)

Keep your young marriage hot by planting a tree or saving a stray dog. (Pg. 129)

Christina Applegate has really improved her eyebrows. (Pg. 131)