Private: Left Behind and weekend

In Sunday’s New York Times, Marc Alan Stamaty skewers Tim Lahaye’s Left Behind series.

My mother once was the pastor of a charismatic* church in a Miami strip mall. She liked to use Lahaye’s books, particularly the ones setting out his wife’s and his own relationship advice, as a starting-point for her sermons. The message generally seemed to be that God wanted women to work just a little harder (lose 50 pounds! always have a hot meal on the table! never say no to sex!) to make their husbands happy.

Not long after I got married, Mom sent me Lahaye’s The Act of Marriage: The Beauty of Sexual Love. On a purely technical level, the book might have come in handy when I was fumbling around in parking lots at 16. But the advice was typical Lahaye and the mechanics were more than a decade late.

Finally, I asked Mom to stop with the Lahaye in my presence. Now she forwards books on health-related matters instead.

On a completely different note, for those who’ve asked, the weekend trip to South Florida was, well, sad. The most difficult part was going through Mr. Maud’s grandmother’s things. Better parts: getting tanked with the cousins at DaDa in Delray Beach, and overeating at Shorty’s BBQ. At Shorty’s, each ear of corn comes in its own tray of butter.

The paltry entries posted below are probably a harbinger of things to come this week. I’m days behind on email, but I promise to answer as soon as I can.

*Includes speaking in tongues, prophesying, and casting out of demons, but not snake handling.