Lebowitz documentary

Graydon Carter has announced intentions to produce a documentary about Fran Lebowitz, whose name apparently cannot be mentioned these days unless the words “notoriously blocked writer” precede it.

In an old Playboy interview, Ms. Lebowitz talks about hell and her favorite writers:

PLAYBOY: What goes on in hell, Fran? What does it look like?

LEBOWITZ: Hell looks like the girl’s gym at my high school. In hell, I am taking gym, but I also have a book due….

PLAYBOY: Which writers do you admire?

LEBOWITZ: Well, I prefer dead writers, because I don’t see them at parties. Oscar Wilde, he’s one of my favorites. I like Hawthorne very much. Enjoy Hawthorne even. Nabokov, Roland Barthes, Jane Austen, Henry James I admire very much. Twain I love. Twain I really love. I know he’s very highly regarded, but I don’t think he’s taken very seriously. He wrote humorous things, and humorous writers are never taken seriously enough. In fact, they are always the most serious writers and the most serious people.

Cheever, John O’Hara–O’Hara is really an underrated American writer. He is a much better writer than Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby is a very adolescent book. In fact, I consider that book to be full of the basest sort of longing. And it’s a lie. Hemingway I do not like. I’m not interested in that kind of butch statement. Faulkner I have never been able to read. And actually, I consider that a criticism of a writer, because if I can’t read him, who can?

(Page Six item via TMFTML.)

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