Private: Korean food in the West Village

Last night I had some sizzling bibimbop, sans beef, at Do Hwa on Carmine Street, just a couple of blocks from my office.

The wait staff were impeccably pleasant; the space was dark and candlelit and roomy; the patrons were an odd mix of young hipsters and professionals, but everyone looked fabulous. Still, nobody batted an eye when we checked five large, empty boxes (for packing) rather than coats.

Max had a ginger kamikaze, which we hope to replicate at home, and was pleased with his entree. Our server stirred up my bibimbop at the table, and the hot plate kept it sizzling throughout the meal.

Do Hwa didn’t surpass my favorite Korean place–on 32nd–but it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for something different next time you’re in the West Village.