Private: Just like it was, only more so

The Kicker’s been waiting for the ULA to weigh in on the New York Times Book Review controversy. Always the gentleman, Manhattan Transfer thoughtfully rings up, or at least channels, the ULA’s “King Wenclas.”* Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Might not be so bad now that the Times isn’t going to do fiction anymore.

“That’s disgusting. It doesn’t change a thing. Everything’s just like it was, only more so.”

I thought you might like the idea. Isn’t the New York Times abandoning fiction a bit like Dorothy falling on the Wicked Witch? Ding, Dong?

“A lot of good that did. Look. I can see David Eggers on his heartbreaking broomstick and his flying fucking San Fran monkeys swooping now.”

* Does anyone else find it odd that an institution purportedly devoted to creating a more democratic publishing environment is headed up by a “king”? And there are, what, four female members of the thing?