Jim Shepard’s latest offerings.

The Village Voice reviews Jim Shepard’s new collection of short stories, Love and Hydrogen, and his latest novel, Project X. Here’s the Salon review of the novel. (Unfortunately, and as usual, to access it you have to go through an ad.)

It’s interesting to compare the styles of the two reviewers. Michael Atkinson is all loopdeloop:

A pointillist master of middle-American disaffection, second-shoe-dropping comic rhythm, pop-cult radiation, and the deceivingly unsimple art of inarticulation, Jim Shepard might be considered a national treasure if he’d show off more—write a Big Novel, say, or manufacture a book that sundered fiction’s beloved rules instead of using them as sniper bullets.

While Stephanie Zacharek is kind of ba-dump-dump:

In “Project X,” Shepard puts us into the shoes of two boys with murder on their minds but not in their hearts. His compassion for them rings out like a shout — the kind no one hears until it’s too late.

You can read an excerpt of the novel here.

Here’s the story Love and Hydrogen.

Here’s an old Bomb piece, in which Shepard interviews Steven Millhauser.

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