Ulysses on screen

Sean Walsh, a filmmaker from Dublin, read Joyce’s Ulysses 50 times and wrote 800 drafts of his screenplay before finishing his adaptation this year. Starring Stephen Rea as Leopold Bloom, the film:

is faithful to the text but does not treat it as sacred…. Walsh says his overriding intention was to make the film work as a story, to be at once intelligent and accessible.

‘Ulysses is heralded around the world as the greatest novel of the twentieth century, and one of most important books in the English language, but the simple paradox is that we haven’t read it, we’ve got no knowledge of it,’ he says. ‘My goal was to say this is bullshit and I’m going to change that. I’m going to open up these pages and show them to people, show them the story, show them all the humanity and humour of this masterpiece, and reveal some of its hidden tricks, links and connections.’

(Via The Elegant Variation.)

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