It’s O.K. If You Don’t Make It

This post was written by guest blogger Stephany Aulenback.

From a Washington Post article about Lynne Cheney’s recommended reading list for American schoolchildren:

The list was presented to 30 eight-and-nine-year-olds from Marie F. Reed School in Washington, at the residence of Vice President Richard Cheney.

“Reading is power,” Lynne Cheney told the youngsters…

She read a poem by Langston Hughes that begins “Hold fast to dreams” and asked the youngsters about their own dreams. One boy said he wanted to be an archaeologist.

“That’s a great dream to have,” she said, “and you can find out how things were a long time ago.”

Another said he wanted to be president.

“I think you could be president,” she commented. “But I also think that even if you just have a high goal like that and maybe only get to be vice president, it’s OK.”

Especially since, you know, the vice president is the one who actually runs the country anyway.

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